Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just Say No to Gunk in Plastic Pouches

Lazy as I am, I am opposed to most convenience foods. There's just no need for them. I can make fudge in 5 minutes (I'll probably share my recipe around the holidays) with three ingredients and my microwave. Why would I bother buying overpackaged goop?

That said, I still read columns like SuperTaster over on, just in case he stumbles across some packaged food that's worth trying. Oh, and because he's incredibly funny when he tries out something that is particularly loathsome. His recent review of Reese's Dessert Bars does not fail to deliver the funny:
Standing in the kitchen squeezing softened, low-grade chocolate icing out of a plastic bag, all I could think was: "If Michael Pollan saw me doing this, he would be displeased. I don't even think he'd yell at me. He'd just stare for a moment with a wounded look in his eyes, turn slowly around, and walk out of the room, never to return."
I won't be buying this dessert mix anytime soon, but I'm glad SuperTaster was so willing to suffer in my place.

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